A region of Lakes and Waterfalls

Our small village, Le Frasnois, has for itself no less than 5 lakes within a radius of 200meters of our guesthouse: the Lake Ilay, the Lake Narlay, the Lakes of Petit Maclu and Grand Maclu, the Lake Vernois, and for this reason deserves being called “the Little Scotland” (by Charles Nodier).

Belvédère des 4 lacsBelvédère des 4 lacsCascades du Hérisson : l'EventailCascades du Hérisson : l'EventailLac du Grand Maclu et sa tourbièreLac du Grand Maclu et sa tourbière
Nature preserved

A region of lakes, waterfalls, rivers and streams, peat bogs and forests, our landscape is registered as an classified nature conservation site as a zone “NATURA 2000”.  Many rare species of fauna and flora are to be found. For all serious nature lovers we offer you the ideal opportunity to discover this protected natural environment.

Nénuphars au lac du Petit MacluNénuphars au lac du Petit MacluLac de Narlay au printempsLac de Narlay au printempsLac d'Ilay en hiverLac d'Ilay en hiver

In the heart of the Jura

Ideally located in the heart of the Jura, you will be able to discover the principal tourist attractions of the JURA within easy reach of the guesthouse: The Lakes of Chalain and Clairvaux, the Lake Vouglans and its impressive dam wall, are all within less than a 20km radius. See also Our Region.

Within 40km - The vineyards, unusual and magnificent rock formations of Château Chalon  and Baume les Messieurs  (these 2 villages are classified among the most beautiful villages and natural sites of France).

Within 50km - The ancient salt works and mineral baths of Salins les Bains and Arc et Senans (these 2 buildings are national monuments registered with UNESCO).

Switzerland and the “Col de la Faucille” (a high mountain pass overlooking Switzerland - 1,323 metres (4,341 feet).
Within 60km - Nyon and its castle.
Within 90km -  Geneva and the great Lake Léman.

In addition our village is on the doorstep of the Regional natural park of the Haut Jura.

Reculée et village de Baume les MessieursReculée de Baume-les-MessieursSalines de Salins les BainsSalines de Salins-les-Bains

Home-made produce and arts and craft

The Jura is a department which produces several cheeses and wines “AOC - Appellation d’origine contrôlée”, which translates as "controlled designation of origin" and is the French certification granted to certain French geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters and other agricultural products: Vin jaune, Cotes du Jura, Macvin, Comté, Morbier, Bleu  of the Haut Jura,… The winemakers and special “fruitières”, cheese shops specializing in the sales of different cheeses look forward to presenting you their produce.

Woodwork and woodturning are old traditional crafts of the region which have been modernized. Other craftsmen like the potters, cutlers, basket weavers, etc… would also love to welcome you to their respective workshops.

Château ChalonChâteau ChalonTourneur sur boisTourneur sur bois

The Lakes Country and its legends

Sentier karstique des MalrochersSentier karstique des MalrochersEach season offers a palette of colours giving tremendous pleasure to the painters, photographers and amateurs of beautiful landscapes and a fairy-like environment which inspired a good number of legends like “la Vouivre”, the White Lady…

Several touristic routes will allow you to discover the characteristics of our region
The lakes route, the route of the fir trees, the route of the Comté cheese and the wine route. During your excursions you will see and be able to visit the ancient wash houses and wash tubs, the numerous monuments, abbeys or Roman churches (Orgelet, St Hymetière…) or the monasteries (like those in Baume les Messieurs and Gigny).

Geological curiosities

The caves, cliffs and rock formations of Baume le Messieurs, the “Planches” close to the town of Arbois and the caves of Moidons.
The karst trail of Malrochers with a total length of six kilometres and the Lapiaz de Besain which is a typical karren field with a patchwork of limestone clints forming a labyrinth of ridges.
A remarkable set of well-preserved dinosaur tracks just outside of Loulle.  The caked muddy surface over which the dinosaurs walked is also well preserved in the rock.


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